Free Assembly Areas

Although students are not restricted to the designated Free Assembly Areas, they are still available for students to use. In fact, they are in highly visible areas of campus and may be great locations for students and student groups.

Map of Free Speech Locations

Free assembly locations throughout the campus exist for the purpose of free expression activities for people and groups not formally associated with UCF.  

Visitors planning to utilize one of the Free Assembly Areas must notify the university at least 24 hours prior to their visit by e-mailing the Office of Student Involvement at

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Free Assembly Areas on Main Campus

  1. The open grass area between the kiosk near Millican Hall and the Math and Physics Building, as bounded by Apollo Circle and the sidewalks leading to the southwest entrance of the Math and Physics Building;

  2. The grass area between the John T. Washington Center and the Student Union sidewalk, as bounded on the west side by the Student Union loading dock and east by the sidewalk crossing the brick mall near the entrance to the Student Union;

  3. The triangle formed by the sidewalks bordering Colbourn Hall, the John T. Washington Center, and the Colbourn Hall Faculty Parking Lot;

  4. The area behind the Health and Public Affairs 2 building bordering the sidewalks and road adjacent to the Engineering 2 building;

  5. The triangular grass area between the Memory Mall and Classroom I Building as bounded on the east side by the Memory Mall sidewalk and the north and south sides by the sidewalk that leads from the Memory Mall to the northeast entrance to Classroom Building I.

  6. The open area southwest of the Convocation Center entrance, bound by West Plaza Drive on the west and Gemini Boulevard to the south;

Assembly areas at Rosen College of Hospitality Management